It is no accident

that WordPress
has grown to be the
largest self-hosted website
management tool
in the world.

We find it so compelling
that we built our entire business on it.

Custom Real Estate Websites Built On WordPress

Here are 4 reasons you need consider:

You Own Your Website

Basically, WordPress is the backend (dashboard) of your website.
open_sourceAll the pages, blog posts, menus – all the content really, is managed here.
Everything that you create is in your copyright.
This includes the design that was made for you.

The only thing that isn’t “yours” is the engine that runs the show. This is WordPress.
WordPress is Open Source, which means it isn’t really “owned” by anyone.
It is available for free download, and unlimited usage, and can be hosted with any capable hosting company.
There is no need to own it, for it is freely available to everyone.

Conversely, websites developed on Proprietary platforms have none of the above benefits.
You may have copyright ownership of the content you create, but it ends there.
The website, the design, the engine, all of it is owned by the company that you are “renting” it from.
Should anything happen to your relationship with a proprietary website company, you are likely to lose everything.

Your Website Is Always Improving

Because WP is Open source it is being improved constantly, and exponentially.

Countless designers and coders are working as a community with the common goal of improving the platform as well as adding new amazing features. Together they have developed the most powerful and easiest to use website manager on the planet.

In addition, there are 10s of thousands of Plugins available to instantly add functionality to your site. The vast majority of which are absolutely free. All of our sites are launched with dozens of powerful plugins making your site state-of-the-art.

Proprietary systems just can’t compete.

You Have Limitless Design Options

WordPress does not require a specific template for the look of your site.

Therefore, professional designers can develop a custom Theme (website look) for you based on your needs and wishes. The only limit is your creative direction.

We can do anything together with WordPress. It is amazing!

WordPress Is Absolutely Free

That’s right, we don’t pay anything to use WordPress.
Hosting 1000s of WP websites has a cost, but the platform itself is free.

Because we are not burdened to develop a competitive website platform, your investment can be applied directly to custom design work, training, and service.

We’d love to hear how we can help you.

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