The One Thing That You Can Do To Improve Your Real Estate Blogsite


I’m often asked by our clients and prospects,
“What is the one thing that I could do to improve my blog?”

The answer is always the same: Hit Publish More Often.

All the good things that come from blogging come from posting content to the internet.

I know it sounds elementary, and it is, but sometimes there are too many distractions away from what is important to see the obvious.

A healthy blogsite is one that is updated regularly.

The goal is to publish content regularly, not write your whole diatribe in one article.

Your active readers appreciate it.
The search engines reward you for it.
You attract a larger audience because you cover more ground, and continue to defend the ground you already cover.
Your base of knowledge grows along with the perception of your expertise.
Your voice continues to develop.
You have something interesting to share with your social media connections.
You can justify the expense of setting up and maintaining the blogsite.
You develop keener knowledge on the topics your cover making you a better Realtor®

It’s more important to hit publish as often as possible than it is to write the perfect article.

If keeping pace with your blog is a challenge, then you need to embrace writing pithy posts.

A picture and a paragraph
A brief opinion on a news piece
Details on an upcoming event
A profile on something interesting to do in town

The above are quick and easy ways to post something in less than 15 minutes on your site.   This makes the excuse, “I have no time to blog”, irrelevant.

Toiling over the perfect article gives you publish paralyzation.  The goal is to publish content regularly, not write your whole diatribe in one article.

If you find yourself in the conundrum of having to be thorough before you are willing to publish, then I suggest that you break up your advice and observations into bite-sized, easy-to-publish posts.  Instead of the “10 things that you need to consider before short selling your Sacramento home” why not break it into a 10-part, 10-day series of articles?

The upsides are obvious:

The content actually gets published.
The content actually gets read.  (because it is less commitment)
You give your readers a reason to pay attention, anticipating the subsequent posts.
You feed the search engines 10 times as often.
You can link all the articles together, boosting the SEO for the keywords and tags.
You maintain and feed your habit of publishing regularly.

This is not a case of quantity over quality.

As long as the content remains focused and relevant, your audience will appreciate the snack vs the meal.

Who is my favorite pithy poster?  Seth Godin.
How can I not read something with such impact that takes me less than 30 secs?

If you want to master these techniques alongside a personal trainer, contact us right away to schedule a session.